ANSWER: The backyard layer is designed for chickens who get other feed sources – ie bugs, worms, kitchen scraps – whereas the high protein layer is for commercial laying operations who wish to maximise production. The backyard layer is lower in protein hence making it a cheaper alternative to the high protein layer. Your chickens will perform well on either ration but if egg production isn’t your focus then the back yard ration is more suitable.

ANSWER: No, Rodent cubes are made for feeding to small pets including mice and rats etc. Some of our existing clients commercially grow rats for feeding to their pet snakes.

ANSWER: Mash is all ingredients of the mix combined in its natural state (ie lose grains etc) Pellets are the same material as mash but are compressed into small bullet size pieces approx 1 cm in length and 5mm in diameter. Crumbles are broken pieces of pellets suitable for smaller birds.

ANSWER: With most orders we can dispatch within 7 working days. However in order to service our existing client base during growth periods we ask for 14 business days lead time on all orders. This way you get freshly made feed each time.

ANSWER: Products are traditionally available in a bulk truck load, delivered on farm so client can auger product into their silo systems. Bulka bags are 1 tonne sizing (filled from the top and opened from bottom of bag) and need a forklift for transferring from a transport truck and into clients storage facility. 25kg bags are the most popular line with all of our clients due to easier handling and storage options. 10kg retail size poly bags have a carry handle which is very suitable for storing in the home etc.

ANSWER: There are many different sources of protein – either animal proteins (meat meal) or vegetable proteins (soy or sunflower meal). This line has no meat meal and considerably more soya meal. Soy is traditionally very high in protein and easily digestible. Traditionally industrial vegetarian chickens are raised in cages so they do not ever have an opportunity to eat garden worms, small insects etc.