The Lifecycle Range

A range of certified organic protein mineral supplements to maximise performance throughout the lifecycle of your animals.

The Organic Lifecycle Mineral Protein Range has been designed to provide critical nutrients, soluble nitrogen and by-pass protein to prevent protein, glucose, mineral and vitamin deficiencies in ruminants. These supplements will contribute to the daily requirements for calcium, phosphorus, sulphur, sodium, potassium, magnesium, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin D3 and vitamin E. Each product also provides different levels of protein.

The products are formulated to supply the necessary elements to the rumen microbes, enabling them to function properly when digesting dry pasture. The level of protein required, and the product you choose from the range, will depend on existing pasture quality and the biological needs of the animal, given its stage in the Lifecycle. The “by-pass” protein is glucogenic and therefore has the capacity to provide much needed glucose to keep the animals in a positive physiological balance, as well as supplying essential amino acids for growth and lactation.

MinPro Boost 1000 mineral protein supplement

MinPro Boost 1000

MinPro Boost 1000 is designed to provide ruminants with a boost at a critical time of their Lifecycle, from the 3rd trimester, through calving, lactation and recovery to joining weight.

It has 32% protein and is palatable for stock with access to reasonable pasture.

Recommended Intake: 1kg per day. Suitable for cattle, sheep and goats.

MinPro Grow 500 mineral protein supplement

MinPro Grow 500

MinPro Grow 500 is designed for the critical growth stages following the weaning process: achieving mating weight and during the 1st & 2nd trimesters of pregnancy.

It has 25% protein, with moderate palatability for stock with access to reasonable pasture.

Recommended Intake: 500grams per day. Suitable for cattle, sheep and goats.

MinPro 300 Sustain mineral protein supplement

MinPro Sustain 300

MinPro Sustain 300 is designed as a supplement for ruminants on poor quality pasture, and will sustain cattle and sheep during tough times.

It has 11% protein and its low palatability ensures intake is self-regulated.

Recommended Intake: 300grams per day. Suitable for cattle, sheep and goats.

FeedPro supplement


FeedPro 20 is a low cost ration designed to be used in conjunction with the MinPro range or as a supplementary feed in its own right. It is a more easily handled alternative for hay during the weaning process. Being grain based means it has medium to high palatably, so introduction feeding is necessary to prevent acidosis fatalities. It can also be used to introduce stock onto one of the MinPro supplements.

Recommended Intake: up to 3% of body weight, following a 28 day introduction period.
Suitable for cattle, sheep and goats.

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