About Aus Organic Feeds

Aus Organic Feeds State of the Art Feed Mill

Aus Organic Feeds Pty Ltd is an organic animal feed milling operation based on the Darling Downs, just outside Toowoomba. We’ve been producing quality animal and stockfeeds for the organic industry since the company was established in 2000.

Combined with our sister company, Kialla Pure Foods, we are Australia’s largest organic grain milling operation.

The integrated nature of our supply chain allows us to work with you to sustain your organic growth.

Our association with Kialla Pure Foods enables synergies between the two businesses that provide an ongoing competitive advantage in the sourcing of organic grains – in an industry where supply is limited.

Other services:

In addition to our product range, Aus Organic Feeds now offers contract and toll milling services for both Organic and Conventional rations. To find out more information about any of the following please contact us.

Customised Ration:  

These are specified rations tailored to your needs by our industry leading nutritionist, which are then mixed and pelletised for your animals.

Contract Milling  

We are able to mill your own ration recipe to your spefications.

Toll milling:

We mill and pelletise your grains, vitamins, minerals, etc to your specifications, into the amount of product provided to us. Any items not used in the process are returned to you, not stored on site.

Conventional Feeds:

We also offer conventional feed rations that are fully formulated especially for cattle.

Conditioner prepares mash for pelettising
Aus Organic Feeds Feed Mill

Our reputation is underpinned by:


Quality nutrition is an integral part of animal performance.  Aus Organic Feeds utilises the service of a highly respected nutritionist who specialises in the organic feed industry.  Each ration is developed to a commercial specification designed to ensure a ‘least cost’ formula. This ensures that your animals are receiving the best possible nutrition to increase their overall performance.

The mill:

Aus Organic Feeds has recently built a “state of the art” feed mill which utilises the very best feed milling technology available. Every piece of machinery within the milling system has been sourced carefully to ensure we are able to provide the best quality product for our customers. Our USA sourced RSM mill roll grinder is one of the leaders in roller-grinder technology in the world, and will provide a tight particle distribution size, critical in mash style feeds. The pellet press has been sourced from La Meccania in Italy and allows multiple sizes of pellets to be produced through the 3mm, 8mm and 10mm sized dies.

In 2019 the new mill won the Industrial BUildings section of the  Building Design Awards.

The efficiency of this new milling system allows for a greater output as well as control over the entire system with significant automation to limit manual handling practices across the process. General Mill componentry was sourced and installed by Skiold VMS, a highly reputable European feed mill equipment company, with local support and backup services.  As well as a new mill built on-site, more silos have also been installed at the Aus Organic Feed site to increase storage of key grains for our rations. In conjunction with Kialla Pure Foods, Aus Organic Feeds has over 12,500 Tonne of grain storage currently on site.


Our Certified Organic Products are compliant with Australian Certified Organic. Some of the products are also certified to the USDA National Organic Program, while our Feed Safe accreditation ensures that we have strict production processes, controls and traceability in place.

See all our certifications.

Meet Our Team

Quentin Kennedy, Managing Director

Quentin has worked in the organic industry for almost twenty years.

Having grown up on the land, he understands the difficulties associated with agriculture. And he’s committed to organics because he firmly believes that sustainable farming helps everyone in the food supply chain.

Quentin not only understands farming and milling, and as a previous Board member of Australian Organic (Australia’s largest organic member and certification body) for more than a decade, he has an excellent understanding of the organic industry as a whole.

He believes that organics is the best way to produce food – because it is able to provide financial and environmental sustainability.

Quentin also holds a degree in Agribuisness.

Kris Arthy, Administrator

Kris is our full-time go-to person within Aus Organic Feeds. Kris originally joined our Kialla Pure Foods team over 10 years ago as our Quality Assurance and WHS Administrator, but being a passionate animal person quickly became interested in Aus Organic Feeds.

Over this period Kris has slowly taken on more sales and purchasing responsibility for AOF. Now, with the new Aus Organic mill, her focus is on ensuring we’re supplying the highest quality organic animal feed. She’ll also be introducing new clients to our wide range of products, and encourages you to make contact with her to discuss any of your animal feed requirements.

Michael Rauwerda, Production Manager

Born in Toowoomba on the Queensland Darling Downs, Michael or Mike as he prefers to be called moved to the Netherlands the land of his parents, in his late teens.  Working in the manufacturing industry for 18 years, Mike eventually married and had children.  Returning to Australia with his family in 2007,  Mike found work easily in the area. He joined AOF in 2008, initially as a mill worker, but when the opportunity arose took on the position of Production Manager.  At that time the mill had a capacity of only 2 tonne an hour with most of the jobs being manually completed.

Having completed numerous feed safety and milling courses, in 2018 Mike was given the challenge to learn all about milling in a mostly automated environment when AOF build a new 10 tonne an hour, state of the art mill. Managing production now involved computer screens, blow lines, and bucket elevators.  Mike stepped up, of course, and in a very short time had the mill pumping and the orders flying out the door.