The Healthy Hen: 5 immune boosting herbal supplements for your chickens

Herbal remedies are nothing new to us, they have been used by our ancestors for generations to prevent, cure and assist in a range of aliments. This also applies to your feathered friends. Let’s dive into some immune boosting ideas for healthy hens. Chickens will naturally forage for wild dandelions and chickweed which have numerous […]

Introductory/Pre-conditioning Feeding Guide for Ruminants

When feeding grain based products such as our FeedPro to all ruminants introductory feeding is necessary. Introduction/Pre-conditioning is essential to avoid acidosis Many factors can govern or limit performance of Aus Organic Feeds Rations, some examples are: weather, trough length per animal and availability of shade. Any limitations on feed intake will affect performance. A […]

The Three Principals of Feeding Ruminants

Principal 1: ‘Feed the Rumen First’ The rumen microorganisms are the key to breaking down the dry pasture to produce volatile fatty acids (VFAs). These VFAs are a source of energy and microbial protein that, in turn, are a source of protein for the animal. Establishing an efficient working rumen is the key to increasing […]